Font size too small on toolbars

• Oct 26, 2021 - 18:11

Unable to read the icons in the toolbars, and they are too small to read. Since I updated Musescore to version 3.6.2 the icons in the toolbars became tiny. I have edited the main pallets so they are now appropriately sized, but thus far have been unable to do this for the master pallet, or the icons at the top of the score. Could this be a graphics driver problem or am I missing something ?


See this workaround in particular if you are on Windows -

On other OS's other workarounds might be more appropriate. Basically, some systems just don't communicate monitor resolution reliably and MsueScore just goes by what the OS reports, so you either need to change what the OS reports using techniques like the above, or just tell MuseScore the correct resolution with the "-D xxx" command line option (where "xxx" is the true resolution in DPI).

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