• Oct 27, 2021 - 15:43

You sent me a link to watch in my question of adding pages. When I click on the link it indicates it is not available. In your answer to me about adding pages, do you mean to save the written 2 pages in the score file and then begin the next 2 pages by writing over the existing pages? Or do I create new pages somehow?


Sorry, I missed a space after the link. I have edited it now in the original post and it should work now if you go back there. It is best to continue that thread rather than starting a new one.

Both of the links added to your original post work fine for me. As was said earlier, you can add measures to your score by pressing Control+B (Command+B for Mac), which will go to the end of the score. MuseScore will automatically move these to a new page if needed. If you have enough measures but just want them on more pages, you can select where you want the page break to be and press Control+Enter (Command+Enter on Mac) to insert a page break.

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