• Oct 28, 2021 - 15:51

I have the printed music for the old folk tune 'Sprig of Thyme' arranged for beginners to play on the folk harp, in the key of C. I play that, but want to transpose it to the key of F to suit my voice for singing. I know how to do that, and have done it manually on some blank music paper - the notes are correct but the sheet looks a mess and is difficult to read when playing. It there a fairly straight forward way for me to print out the music in the key of F. eg Am I able to photocopy the music I have, before changing the key?
I have never use any music program.


Use Tools > Transpose (with nothing selected in score), there transpose to F Major. Then use File > Save as and name it "Score-title in F". Now you have 2 scores and can keep and print both

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