"Flags" invaded half of my music and I can't undo it...

• Nov 1, 2021 - 15:11

I was trying to select multiple parts of the song to copy and paste it for a repeat in the music and when I was trying to figure out how to select part of a measure instead of the whole measure I believe it was something like ctrl and shift at the same time and then I tried dragging something and everything just went crazy on my screen. I could only undo a portion of everything that happened and my music still looks really weird haha. I can't seem to delete the flags either and I don't really know how to adjust the spacing. I'm very new to this software and honestly clueless. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You have probably changed the X-offset and Y-offset of these flags by mistake - possibly by dragging?

To correct it:
1. Click on a flag (not a note)
2. Right-click, choose Select > More...
3. On the next popup screen, make sure you have Element Type = Flag
4. Click OK
5. Ctrl+R to reset all the flags to their default position

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