Midi import for piano - changing left / right hand

• Nov 13, 2021 - 22:24

Hi everybody

This had been asked already, years ago. I'm sorry but I couldn't find a solution that actually worked for me after trying several hours.

I have a midi from from another program where I recorded some music. Now I would like to write proper sheet music from it. Musescore separated the left and right hand not the way I want it. It wouldn't be no big deal if it was possible to change afterwards. But I wasn't able to do that.

For instance this measure. After import, it looks like this:

I mark the notes that I want to keep on the right hand (unfortunately, I have to click every single one, dragging a selection box also selects the other notes, even though they are not in the box). I put them to voice 2.

Finally I put the notes from voice 1 to the other stave (Ctrl+shift+up). On the left hand, I fix the length to a whole note.

Almost there! Almost. How can I fix the right hand to draw proper chords? They are all on voice 1 in the same stave but still looking a little bit like two voices. The notes seem to be still somehow assigned to the other stave.
It's also interesting, when I select the right hand measure (mouse click to the middle of the measure), it doesn't select the notes I moved:

However, when I select the left hand measure, it selects the notes I move to the right hand:

So it didn't really move these notes. Is there a way to do this properly?
Thanks in advance!


Maybe you'll get a better result, if you don't have selected "split staff" by importing the file, then right click on the staff->split staff... and choose an individual split point?

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Certainly it's possible to "move" notes to another staff. But then you have to cut and paste them into another voice of the target staff, using the selection filter in this process, and finally change the voice of the notes again, if that's possible.
But as far as I can see from your snippets, it's the more complicated procedure than redefining the split point.

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As noted, it only works if it's actually possible according to standard rules of notation. Otherwise you need to figure out for yourself how to alter durations to make it possible. In other, MuseScore only allows what is actually possible, it doesn't allow the impossible :-).

Anyhow, bottom line really is, MIDI is a lousy format for this purpose; it was never designed with notation in mind. While it's possible to painstakingly edit things to turn it into what you might have wanted to begin with, it's almost always much more efficient to simply enter the music directly. If looking at the automatically rendered MIDI helps in this endeavor, great.

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