Combination of Volta and Repeat Playback Issues

• Nov 2, 2009 - 17:01

MuseScore v 0.9.5 rev. 2012
Win XP

Having looked at relevant entries about voltas and repeats in the manual and the forum, I am still running into a playback issue in the attached file. I have the anchors for the volta set up correctly. The playback works perfectly the first run through and the repeat starts in the correct position, but when the playback runs to the repeat for the second time, it takes the final ending (playing the first measure), but starts the repeat at the same time. What I'd expect is for the two measure first ending to play before the repeat. The final repeat runs as it should. Setting up the volta I used a Prima Volta and then the Seconda Volta without the hook from the lines toolbox.

Thanks for any help!


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Good Evening;
From what you write and what I can see in your attached file it appears that you have either to many endings marked, the repeat count is wrong.Depending on what you want to happen there are a number of ways that you can correct it. If you want the the passage to play complete twice then on the third time jump to the other ending, you have the endings set wrong. To change it select the first ending,right click and choose volta properties and change the text to 1.2. and the repeat count to 2. Then select the next ending and change the text to 3 and the repeat count to 3 or delete the volta entirely and use the tereza volta. That should give you what I believe that you want. Unfortuneately I only have the prereelase of 0.9.6 installed on my system for testing so I am not sure if the volta properties is available in version 0.9.5. Hopefully this will get you started.


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I upgraded to the newest revision, and am glad to see that my issue had been resolved. I was simply missing the repeat list function for the voltas that had been added in the latest code.

I couldn't find a report of a similar issue, so I thought I'd bring it up, but am glad to see it had already been covered.

Thanks all


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