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• Nov 21, 2021 - 05:19

I wanted to create repeats on each individual instrument at a different location (i.e. not all in one aligned vertical row), so I unticked automatic placement and deleted the other repeats to get the screenshot shown below.

However, I can now no longer delete these repeats unless I remove selected measures (even if I turn automatic placement back on). Furthermore, doing so removes all the other bars in the same vertical column so I can't, say, delete the second row's repeat without deleting the third's along with it. Would this constitute a bug to be fixed?

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There's nothing about automatic placement, you apparently changed the barlines in Inspector to look like a repeats barline.
Note that this way they won't play back though, they do only if applyied via the barlines palette, but that doesn't allow for different barlines on different staves on the same measure

There (in Onspector) you can also change them back.

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I see, thanks so much! This will be very helpful for what I'm trying to achieve.

An additional question if you'd be willing to help me, would it be possible to visually delete or hide the stave after those repeat barlines to create a sort of "hanging line" effect like in this score here by Crumb? In my score example that would mean that the bass flute would have one bar while the Vibraphone and Viola have 2.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to revive this thread.

I'm having trouble changing barline appearances in the inspector independently of each other like I did in the score I attached here previously. Is there a way to achieve this that isn't too damaging to the score?

Furthermore, it appears that I can't change the appearance of barlines to look like the repeats barline without using the barlines palette (but as you mentioned, I can't have different barlines on different staves).

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