Different number of stuffs on each system.

• Nov 25, 2021 - 15:31

Hello there. My issue regarding this post is regarding the different number of stuffs on each system in case , for example , i want an instrument to play only for the intro (lets say the first 20 bars or the first 3 systems) and after that wipe his stuff on the following systems since he is not gonna be playing again. So one obvious solution is just to use rests for all the bars this instrument doesnt play anything. But , i want to save space , so , like in an orchestral score that the stuff number switches and changes on every system every once in a while regarding the instrument number on the specific part of the musical work , i want to be able to do the same.
A direct expample : first 3 systems i want 3 stuffs. Next 2 systems i want 1 stuff. Next 5 systems i want 5 Stuffs etc etc. Thanks a lot in advance !
(in the photo below i show you an example of what i want to do)

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