Instrument Adding

• Nov 3, 2009 - 00:33

I think that as a new feature, one should be able to add new instruments to be used. You could choose a name for it, select a sound effect for it, and use it as you would any other instrument. I don't see any potential problems for this that can't be fixed easily.



If I understand you, what you are asking for is the ability to trigger, for example, a sample?

Or it could possibly be a midi event on an external module?

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I mean as in, for example, if I want to be able to use an instrument that wasn't on the preset list. I go to one of the menu bar options, then add instrument, and I name it and select a .wav file that would be used for say, D. Then, it would be added to the instrument list, and I could use it as I could for any other instrument.

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I suppose, you are talking about soundfont editting. Musescore uses Fluidsynth for playback and it requires soundfonts. Soundfont is something like a pack of samples of any kind. What you ask would probably require to add custom samples to the soundfont file and reload it again within Musescore. I think, technicaly it is quite possible but there are other programs to do that. Look at for instance. It should be also possible to route the output from Musescore via Jack and use any midi device or virtual instruments for playback.

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However, someone new to MuseScore (such as myself) and other programs might be confused about how to do that. This would also be a considerably long process, and some people would just be too lazy. This way, it would be simpler and more user-friendly for all of the users.

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It sounds to me as if what you could do is make your own soundfont and load it into the program. This would have the advantage of having your own custom sounds which you could share, or not.

There are people here who are quite knowledgable about that.


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