Imported PDF, now want to see 4 voices as generic treble instruments

• Nov 28, 2021 - 21:39

I've imported a PDF score that has Piano and 4 voices (see attached screenshot). Then I cut&pasted them into a String Quartet template. The original score had performance flexibility in mind, and gave the instruments names of "Treb 1", "Treb 2", etc. Instrument names and clefs naturally got changed in the pasting operation.
Now I'd like to see the 4 voices as just generic voices, each on a separate treble staff, so that at a later point I can pick some or all parts and transpose them for the instruments and musicians available.
I've read but could still use some advice.

Also, the original score had each voice doubled in octaves, probably to give even more playing flexibility. Is there an easy way to delete one of the octave lines without deleting each note head?



That link handles how to create new instrument definitions for the MuseScore software for instruments it currently doesn't know. You should not need any of that at all.

What you likely want is to just change the instrument assigned to that staff:…

As for easily erasing one of the octaves in the chords, you could (ab)use the explode function to split it into two staves (use a temporary new instrument as 2nd staff) and then remove that 2nd staff. There is also the PruneStack plugin which likely allows exactly that type of configuration.

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