Hiding ledger llines above a single measure

• Nov 30, 2021 - 16:05

Ok... I understand how to hide ledger lines above the staff. But, it applies it to the entire staff. I want to control the visibility of ledger lines above a single measure. Is that possible in MuseScore?


Here's a dirty trick to do this, assuming you want the note to play as it would if the ledger lines were present.

  1. Enter the note above the stave in voice 1 (Call this Note 1)
  2. Make it invisible - that should also make the ledger lines invisible.
  3. Enter another note of the same duration within the stave (Call this Note 2). This will also produce rests in voice 2 to fill the measure.
  4. Make the voice 2 rests invisible.
  5. Untick play for Note 2
  6. Adjust the Y offset of Note 2 by clicking on the spin box control in the inspector - each click up should move the note up by 1/2 a staff space. Keep clicking until it lies on top of Note 1.

Here is an example with C above the staff. With "show invisible" turned off in the view menu, it looks like this.

InvisibleLedger 1.png

If you are not concerned with the playback, you can just put a note within the staff and adjust its Y offset as in step 6. But on playback that note will play with its original (unshifted) pitch.

If your notes don't need visible accidentals and keep playback:

  1. Enter them normally
  2. Check "Fix to Line" with the default value of 0
  3. Use the Y-offset of the "chord" to move them back up to where you want them

If you do want the accidental as well, add it from the master palette "symbols" section and position it's X-offset accordingly.

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