Guitar Tablature: Chord Ties Changing Finger Placement

• Dec 1, 2021 - 02:58

Hopefully I can get some help here, since the other forum posts and tie FAQ page haven't been helpful to me, unless I've missed something. I recently got MuseScore and it's been doing wonders in helping me write tabs for my band's songs. One thing that is getting on my nerves, however, is the tie feature. Specifically when tying chords, it seems to automatically change the finger placement of the chord to keep it in first position at all times (the attached picture shows what I'm encountering.) Is there any way around this?

It looks so weird and sloppy to me that I've not been using the feature and instead I'm just writing the notes so they're shorter when, in the track, it clearly should be ringing out (like the first measure of the tab in the attached picture). Thanks!

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Instead of a picture, can you attach the score or an excerpt, because it is not clear at all how you customized the pitch of the strings (the TAB picture doesn't let you know)
E.g., if the 7th string is an open D, and the 6th is an A, how is the 5th? In short, it's really confusing, hence the need to really observe your score for better help.
And when you talk about ties : do you add them in normal mode, or in note input mode? (although this should not involve the behaviour)

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