Measures per staff - How to change the quantity of measures per staff

• Dec 2, 2021 - 16:20

I'm new to MuseScore. I've searched the manual and watched the tutorials, but I can't figure out how to change the default number of measures per staff. I'm creating a scales practice sheet and I want to have only eight measures per staff. Currently, MuseScore is giving me 17 measures per staff.

Thanks for any help!



The default is to put as many measures on a staff as will fit. It is adjusted as you enter the notes. So it is best not to worry too much about layout you have finished entering the music.

Having entered the music you can reduce the number of measures on the staff (or more correctly on the system) by adding system breaks wherever you want them. Increasing the number of measures on the staff requires adjustment of the page margins or staff scaling so that more music will fit between the margins.

See for more information on breaks

See for more information on margins

See for more information about scaling.

If you still have problems come back here and attach the score (.mscz file) you are having problems with.

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