Freezing first bar

• Dec 4, 2021 - 13:17

Hi again guys,
I want to be able to freeze the first bar so that I can always see it for reference purposes. I know that sounds weird but I'm not used to writing in lots of parts that have different ranges - so I have put the ranges in a temporary first bar and I want to freeze it so that as my writing progresses and the page scrolls right, those first bars can always be seen.
Musescore seems to automagically allow me to see the names of the instruments/vocal lines in grey as I scroll right.. can this be extended to the whole first bar?
It's kind of like freezing cells in Excel :)
Thanks for your help and suggestions in advance,


Different approach; use View > Documents Side By Side
Then drag the divider over to the left side, so you only see that first bar in the left view.

Possible disadvantage is that the vertical scrolling and zoom levels are not synchronized between the two view.

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