64 bit version 3 keeps crashing

• Dec 5, 2021 - 06:43

Hello, I've just downloaded version 3 64 bit of the software onto another windows 365 laptop. I'm transcribing famous works as learning pieces. I am trying to become reasonably fluent in using this software for future composition purposes .Having spent some considerable time in the early beginnings of transcribing the complete orchestral score of Beethoven's Allegro from his Piano Concerto No.5 (Emperor) I tried to save it to the laptop. I receive an error message telling me that the software has stopped working and I need to close it. I then rebooted the software and thankfully it informed me that the software had to close unexpectedly and asked me if I would like to resume from my last session. I did this and the piece was saved. I then tried to save the piece online as an alternative. Same issue . Software closed unexpectedly. However this time I have lost the entire contents of my work except for a blank stave . How can I sort this irritating issue for good and how can I restore the lost work?


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Yes. It's a windows 10 laptop running office 365.
No. I'm working on a new transcription of this piano concerto starting from the adagio (movement 1).
There's lots to learn. My Warsaw concerto transcription flagged up a need to write solo cadenza (free from time signature) and i'm also trying to learn this as there are many in the Emperor concerto from the off. I'm 20 days into this project and the issue still exists . I can't make much headway with Musescore functions for this reason. when I try to open from the start tile or when I try to upload. I can't even drag and drop or choose a file using this forum page (Not responding).

I've found a work around which is to save the score to my laptop and to then upload the score from the online version of Musescore. So frustrating!

Apart from this software only my laptop is working correctly.

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