adding a tie, using a Mac

• Nov 3, 2009 - 05:35

I'm using 0.9.5 on my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.6.1), which has no num pad, which I mention because I found a tip suggesting that using the + key on the num pad might help my problem, which is that I can't make a tie appear. + doesn't create one. I'm one measure into my MuseScore experience and can't tie two notes together. The only + available on my keyboard is the +/= key. Anyone else run into (and solve) this problem?


I'm also running into this problem with my iMac using the Mac wireless keyboard which also does not have a num pad and as far as I can tell does not have the F6 functionality to turn on a "keypad" as on a Macbook or Macbook Pro. I'm on the first line of my first composition needing a tie. Please help!!

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...a shortcut for a tie?
I am aware of the difference between a tie and a slur, but in some cases i need to resort to a slur as a tie, because i dont know how to get it done otherwise.
Though slurs are not entirely problemfree themselves; i will report on that issue in a series of bugs i (think i) found in musescore,

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I think the issue is that without a numeric keypad, to type '+' you hold Shift and type the '+/=' key, which is being caught as "Shift-+" which is the shortcut for "Layout -> Add More Stretch"! And if you try the '+/=' key without Shift, well, of course, it is '=', which I don't think is being used. It *could* be adopted as a second shortcut for "Tie", but that might be confusing... Thanks for pointing out the toolbar '+'.
Thanks to the team for all the great work on MuseScore.

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The plus sign ("+") is above the equals sign ("=") on US keyboards but not all languages so it would be confusing for several other keyboard layouts (incidentally the plus does not require Shift on the German keyboard layout). However this issue has already been addressed in the latest prereleases and beta by changing the default shortcuts for Add More Stretch.

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