Takes (a composition tool)

• Dec 8, 2021 - 09:28

A few weeks ago, while finishing details of this tune, I wished MuseScore had a "Takes" feature—like in Garageband and Logic— so I could easily A/B variations of a measure or phrase in the surrounding context.

Implementation of Takes in notation app would afford a great composition comping tool!

Anyone know if this has been previously requested?



I've been thinking about this since you posted it. I use MuseScore for composition only. On the surface I don't know that I'd have much use for this. But maybe that's because I don't know how it works. Perhaps you could elaborate. As things are, I have ways to hear something played by a different instrument or a different setting.

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bibjp wrote > I use MuseScore for composition only. ... I don't know how [Takes} work. Perhaps you could elaborate.

In Logic or Garageband you can loop-record audio overdubs. This creates a "stack" of numbered overdub Takes. Then, at any time you, via a popup menu, you can select a Take from the stack, so you can easily compare Takes and choose your favorite.

From there you can make a comp" track choosing between any Take on the track's timeline, and splicing, so you might have a sequence of Take 1, 3, 1, 3, 2, 4 ... all on a particular track. It's pretty slick. You can even have crossfades between Takes.

I haven't checked (in Logic or Garageband) to see if it's also possible to generate Takes on MIDI tracks. But essentially that's what I'm suggesting as a compositional tool for MuseScore.

I'm quite comfortable with composing and arranging in MuseScore, but feature like this would really streamline the process.


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