Recovered songs do not reappear in Recently Used Files list

• Dec 9, 2021 - 14:32

When you have a few crashes or aborts of MS while you have several songs open and on the next start of Musescore you let it recover those songs from the last session, the "recently used files" list becomes filled with internal, coded file names of the auto-save files. These coded names do not have any human recognisable reference to the original file/song name.
If you have several songs open and a couple of crashes in a short time, all the normal file names that you know, will have flushed from the list, though on each subsequent normal exit and start of MS these songs are reloaded automaticly and have the correct name in the tab.
Then this 'recently used' files list has become unusable.

Even if you save one (or all) of the recovered files, the original file name still does not re-appear in the 'recently used files' list, though the contents was correctly written to the original file name.
The only way to get the original file name back in the 'recently used' list, is to open the file by its file name again (and pushing the last name (hopefully some coded name), out of the list) .

Please update the 'recently used' list with its original file name when saving a recovered song. Either replace the coded name of the auto-save file by the original name, or add the original file name again. Could be when completing the repair, but certainly on an explicit Save action by the user.

OS: Ubuntu 21.10, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.4.2., revision: 148e43f.
Also earlier, and v6.2.2

Thank you for providing this extremely useful notation editor and player. It is a great help with my piano lessons for a couple of years now.


There is no v6.6.2. Any you shouldn't be using 3.4.2 anymore, 3.6.2 is out since almost a year now.
It should be reducing the number of crashes and nece less of these 'recent files' with random names

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Sorry, I mentioned 3.6.2.
Today I stepped back to 3.4.2 because that is the newest version that is usable on my system as v3.6.2 gave increasingly severe problems the last week and became unusable. I encountered the above situation with the recently-used list last week when I had to abort MS many times because it became inresponsive more and more often. see

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