Linking half note and eighth notes with a beam!

• Dec 10, 2021 - 16:01

I don't know much about music but I'm trying to create 'O Holy Night' - not too worried about layout as I'm looking for the 'mp3' audio only. I think I was doing sorta ok until page 2. Until then, I had six eighth notes beamed together. Starting at page 2, there's supposed to be 6 notes, but what appears to be a half note with 5 eighth notes beamed together. Is this possible to do?

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The solution from @Shoichi gives you exactly what you want visually.

But if you are concerned with accurate playback (for an MP3 file), you probably need to notate the longer half-note (minim) in a separate Voice. Then you can decide whether or not to share its notehead with the first note of the 6-tuplet. See the Handbook advice about Shared Noteheads:

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I think I got it? I added half notes (of another voice I wasn't using) over the eighth notes. The new half notes positioned themselves over the eighth note, or partially over, or next to them (depending on other voice notes I had there). It's hard to hear the difference (being half deaf so my wife says), but I can hear their effect when I mute the other voices. I suppose I could also hide them if I wanted to save the score as an image or PDF.

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