Notes will not sound or sound intermittently and scratchy when clicked on in existing or new score.

• Dec 19, 2021 - 20:19

When entering new notes, clicking on existing notes or in playback, sounds are not sounded or are scratchy and broken. Windows 10 system. Have reloaded Musescore, ran troubleshooting on computer sound, cleaned the computer. Playback in other apps (Pro Tools, Kontakt, Aria Player, Plogue Sforzando) plays without glitch. Screenshot of I/O preferences included as well as example of glitching file.

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I'm running Linux Mint 20.2 with Musescore Appimage 3.6.2 on two different computers. One is scratchy with all .mscz file playback while the other is not. Spent time altering and matching configuration of scratchy PC with the working PC to no success. So it's not just you.

Hope you find a solution soon.

10 minutes later....

My sound is now working on the scratchy PC. I was reading another unrelated post where it was suggested to go into the Synthesizer settings with View -> Synthesizer. So I did, looked around, but didn't change anything. Returned to the .MSCZ, started Playback and "Whoop!" it was somehow playing scratch-free. Tested multiple files.

Changed some audio settings on computer and now playback is better however notes still do not sound when entered by mouse nor do they sound when clicked on after they have been entered.

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