Is there a list or the source of OSC messages for MS v3.6.2?

• Dec 28, 2021 - 11:29

Is there an up-to-date list of the possible OSC messages in MS v3.6.2?
Or can someone me point to the source modules where OSC messages are handled?

A few year ago I made a message list from the sources of v2.3, but I cannot find the same modules (osc.cpp, shortcut.cpp) anymore in githhub, and searching for "osc" results in hits in only preferences modules.


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no changes in the top-level OSC commands, several new ones under /actions matching additions to MS.

in osc.cpp, function initOsc() sets up signals/slots for the stave-related messages for staves 1..12 : /vol1../vol12, /pan1../pan12, /mute1../mute12 ? Here 12 is a hard coded value.
Further on, in e.g. processing function oscVolChannel(), the channel parameter is maximised to the midi map size ( mms.size() ) . Does this limit the incoming osc messages to the first 12 channels?

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