Change instrument key(Bb) without changing concert key

• Dec 28, 2021 - 22:25

Concert key is C# putting Bb instrument in D#. I would like it to be Eb without changing concert part. Is there a way to do that?


Indeed, there is no key of D#, MuseScore couldn't pick that even if you told it to try. But for the record, if the concert pitch of B, then you 8do* have a choice between C# and Db for the transposed key. Just right-click the staff, Staff/Part Properties, and see the option for preferring flats or sharps in transposed key signature. But regardless of that option, you won't get a non-existent key like D#.

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AH, that makes some sense then. Still, I doubt you will find many players of Bb instruments prefer reading 6 flats to six sharps. Keep in mind, players of Bb instruments are much more accustomed to reading sharps than flats, since they always see two more sharps or two fewer flats than everyone else. So unless the people who will be playing this plart have explicitly said they prefer the flats, best to leave this at the default.\

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