How to do a full octave down pitch bend?

• Dec 29, 2021 - 04:14

As you can already tell, I need to do a full octave down pitch bend, but don't even by following this guide
I am unable to do it. Please help!


Are you writing for a guitar that is capable of that? The page you mention is regarding the standard guitar bend symbol, which only works for bends up because normally that is all that is possible on guitar. I'm guessing you don't really mean a guitar bend - neither bends down nor bends of an octave are physically possible unless you have a specially modified instrument. probably you really mean a glissando or some other type of effect. if you attach your score and explain in more detail the effect you are trying to achieve, we can show you how to achieve it.

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Yes you are right. Its not a guitar.
I am using a synth bass.
I am not also sure if its a full octave down, but it sounds like this.
So I am attaching a cut down clip of what I want to achieve. This is the exact thing I want to achieve. It starts from Eb 2 and then goes pitch bends it down.

EDIT : I tried glissando, but its different from what I want to achieve.

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Indeed, that's a glissando, not a bend. A bend is achieved by pulling the string to stretch it, thus raising the pitch, and as mentioned, it can only go up, and it would be impossible to pull a guitar or bass string enough to change the pitch by a full octave. So, enter the desired start pitch, then the end pitch, then add the gliss to the first note, then change the srtyle to portamento (to simulate the fretless aspect of this instrument - a fretted bass would prodcued the chromatic gliss that is the default).

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