some dynamics suddenly tiny

• Jan 10, 2022 - 03:04

Help!! Suddenly many of the dynamics in the attached file have gotten tiny. They were fine before. I can't imagine what I did to affect them. The individual symbols that appear in the Inspector as custom formatted are ok, those not not. When they are part of a text phrase, they are tiny even though the phrase shows as custom formatted.

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Bartok For Children Book 1 WW4r3.mscz 55.76 KB


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First page (numbered 4), m 1 has tiny p's in all 4 staves;
m 2 has a tiny f in the top (fl) staff and normal f's in the others;
m5 has tiny f's in the top two staves, normal ones in the lower two;
mm 9 and 11 have tiny dynamic signs within text lines in all staves.
p 5, m 1 has a tiny p in staff 1, normal p's in the others;
m 9 has a tiny mp in the 3rd staff, normal ones in the 2nd and 4th;
m12 has tiny p's in the text in all 4 staves.
I think that exemplifies all cases, but if you want me to enumerate more, I'd be glad to.

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Both this last and the original score opened just fine for me on Win10/MS3.6.2
So I'm not quite sure what you saw, but it sounds like some layout bug that unfortunately (for developers, fortunately for you) fixes itself upon a score redraw.

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