Force visibility of specific bars of an empty staff?

• Jan 11, 2022 - 09:23

I often hide empty staffs. Very useful when writing large scores with lots of parts.

But lets say I have a score, choir SATB + instruments, where most of the time all vocals sing together, but occasionally some voice, e.g. the tenors are silent for a few bars, then the tenor staff might be hidden if those bars happen to occupy a whole row.

Is there any way to forcibly "unhide" specific bars? My desired end result is that all SATB staffs should either be visible together, if any of them contains visible elements, or all hidden, if none have visible elements.

This does not need to be an automatic feature, it's enough if there's a way to force a an empty bar to be visible.


One way to "unhide" a system is as follows:
1. Place a staff text in one bar
2. Make the font colour white

The white text is invisible to the human reader, but the presence of the staff text makes the bar (and the system) "not empty".

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The space works for now, but it's also possible at some point MuseScore might discover this "empty" text and remove it for you. So I'd prefer the transparent text personally. Obviously, it would be great if we had a dedicated element you could add from the palette for this, or other controls.

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