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• Jan 11, 2022 - 19:21

Eine punktierte halbe C Note wird beim MIDI Export immer als Viertel C Note und 2 Viertel Pausen eportiert.
Das Instrument ist Klavier bzw. Akkordeon.
A dotted half C note is always exported as a quarter C note and 2 quarter rests.
The instrument is piano or accordion.


Bitte die MuseScore-Datei hier anhängen, damit wir mal draufschauen können. Eine pdf nützt nichts.

Please attach the MuseScore file here so we can take a look. A pdf is of no use.

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A dotted half C note is always exported as a quarter C note and 2 quarter rests.
No, that isn't the case. esp. that always isn't. Not in MuseScore 3.6.2 at least, if I open that score there, export as MIDI, and import it back, it does turn the dotted half notes into a quarter note (plus 2 quarter rests) in measure 1, 9 and 15, but gets it right in measures 2-8 and 10-14.
And that is because the dotted half notes get 'canceled out' by a note of the same pitch (C4) on the bottom staff on the 2nd beat of these measures.
This is one reason why MIDI is not a good format for exchanging musical data.

Besides: this notation doesn't make musical sense, you can't play a C4 dotted half and 2 C4 quarter notes on a single instrument at the same time, so the MIDI export actually does make perfect sense, resolving that conflict.

The reason is likely that there is overlap with the same pitched note from the bottom staff; when exporting MuseScore clips the longer note to the shorter one within a single channel within the same track so all notes remain available.
If it didn't do that, you'd see the bottom staff C-s being eaten by the top staff instead.

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