How to delete items from the File>open menu

• Sep 10, 2014 - 14:46

New to musescore. Vista operating system, running musescore version 1.3. Cannot find in handbook or on this forum how to remove unwanted items in the menu that displays with File>open or File>open recent. Apparently any scores viewed on screen, including those from the website, are defaulted to this dropdown list and I want to keep only selected items. It's likely obvious to some, but not to me. Can anyone help?


Sorry, there is no such option. In 2.0 Beta 1 there is an option to clear the recent list, but not to remove items individually. However, scores loaded from MuseScore Connect don't show up in the list any more either (at least they don't for me currently).

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Many thanks for your instant response! At this point, I have just one score that I wish to save, and I think I can just save it to my documents folder, or even just print it. In just a little poking around, I have wound up with a half dozen or so other scores and I can easily see the list growing substantially. With v.1.3, is there an option to clear the list entirely? Or, alternatively, should I try v. 2.0 on my Vista os? Thanks again for your help!

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