Magnifying menus

• Jan 16, 2022 - 20:51

How do I magnify the menus such as note input etc? They are too small to read clearly. Control plus only magnifies the music page. This is on a windows 10 pc


I think you might find Magnifier useful. It is a feature build in to the operating system. On my Windows 10 computer I can find it under the Windows Start menu, Windows Ease of Access, Magnifier. That assumes that you are on Windows system. But if you're using another operating system, there is a good chance you can find a similar feature.

Normally they should already be a good size, but on some systems - especially ones with non=traditional displays - the OS doesn't communicate the display resolution in the expected way. We provide a number of different around, but the details depend on what OS you are on, what version of MuseScore, and what your display setup is (eg, TV connected via VGA?)

On some Windows systems, it works to find the ".exe" file for MuseScore (usually in C:\Program Files\MuseScore3\bin) and then right-click it, Properties, Compatibility, and play with the settings there.

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