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• Jan 17, 2022 - 18:12

How do I use Yamaha keyboards (P-45 and PSS A50) as input devices?
It has worked before, but now I cannot get to function. I have tried everything, but cannot replicate the set up. Perhaps because I now use an AudioBox.
MIDI input is enabled.
what shall I select under API? ASIO or MME?
Which device and which MIDI input and output?


Unfortunately,. every system is different, so what works for one might not work for another. On my Windows system, I don't need to do anything out of the ordinary to get my Yamaha keyboard to be recognized - just be sure to connect and turn it on before starting MuseScore. But if that doesn't work on your system, it might take some trial and error with those settings.

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Hi Marc
Thank you for your comment. I have great problems understanding the various options in "Preferences - I/O". Sometimes I am lucky to connect the keyboard, sometimes I have to give give up after hours which is very frustrating.
Can you help me with the difference between:
- MIDI Input
- Device
- MIDI output?
What should I select?
Yes, MIDI input is enabled. Yes, I start Musescore after I switch on the keyboard. Can you help me?
Kind regards, Kim

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The hard part here is that we can't really tell you what you should pick, as what you should pick depends entirely on your specific system. So pick whatever works for you (how frustrating this answer might be).

The first dropdown is the API one. Here you select the audio subsystem software approach to be used. For me on windows, MME seems to most often offer the best device detection, so I'd go with that initially.

The next dropdown is the Device one. The dropdown shows all the devices that could be discovered by using the API from that first dropdown. The goal here is to select the audio device that MuseScore should send it's own audio output to (for example, your speakers or your headphones). In your current screenshot you have the Microsoft Sound Mapper Default input device selected, which is most likely the default microphone for your system. Try choosing the Microsoft Sound Mapper Default output device instead.

The device setting has no influence on the MIDI settings:

MIDI input: In here you should be able to select your keyboard. This should become the output channel of the Keyboard; that way the output sent by the keyboard is used as input for MuseScore.

MIDI output: In here you might want to select the input channel of your Keyboard. If you do so, MuseScore will send out MIDI playback commands in parallel with it's own synthesized sound to your keyboard. So you'll hear sound coming out of your keyboard when MuseScore plays back the score.

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