Help with mixer and soundfonts

• Jan 25, 2022 - 15:24

Hello everyone.
I have a question concerning the Mixer/ Soundfont relationship in Musescore. I want to work on some Manos Hadjidakis pieces for orchestra and I have a handful of soundfonts, the most reliable being Squidfont Orchestral (I only work with this and the Musescore General). However, when I use the Squidfont for strings in the Mixer and choose pizz. I either hear nothing or another instrument plays.
If anyone could please enlighten me on this issue and what should I do, beacuse I absolutely dislike the Musescore Violin soundfont, and i don't want to be forced to use it because of technical difficulties.
Thank you.


Update: I found the solution to my problem. I have to go to Mixer, choose the arrow that exists on the top of the string instruments' volume bar and manually choose the sound fonts for pizz. and legato. There's no need to see this question anymore, thank you.

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