Measure Spacing

• Jan 26, 2022 - 02:50

Can someone tell me how I can work with bar spacing? I want there to be 4 measures per line. How do I do this? I am so confused!


As you enter all your notes, measure size will self adjust depending on content. For example, a 4/4 measure filled with 16th notes will be wider than a 4/4 measure containing two half notes.
Afterwards, you can use menu item: Format > Add/Rmove System Breaks,,, and set it to 'Break systems every 4 measures'.
This, of course, means that 4 measures can actually fit. If 4 measures cannot fit, you may get some systems with fewer than 4 measures. It depends on the score.

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yes. As Jm6stringer says, first input all the notes before you worry about this.

Aftwards, you can use the "Add/Remove System Breaks..." option as described above, or you can just select the barlines where you want the system to break and press Enter.

And when you only get three measures to fit, you can use the '{' key to decrease the streach of the measures to try to fit more measures. see here in the handbook.

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Jojo wrote

> Format > Page settings, reduced the space setting from 1.75 to 1.55

This is the setting in the page setting dialog appearing in the Scaling box. You change the size of a "staff space", but this value is used as a reference value in many places to scale the whole score consistently.

Most people here in the forums refer to this as changing the scaling.

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