• Jan 28, 2022 - 06:13

How do you remove spaces between
first and second systemssl in musescore 3.6. they appear widely spaces and are filling the whole page yet only 2 systems. Thanks for support.


First check whether you don't have a page break prevent your other systems to fill up the page.
Yes, by default MuseScore tries to fill the page; it first does so by making everything its minimal size and fit as much as it can onto a page. Then, when it knows how much fits (in your case apparently 2 systems) it'll distribute the empty space of the page between systems and staves as per your current style settings.

If you do not which this to happen (which makes sense in orchestral scores a lot, but a bit less in solo pieces) and you prefer to have all your available whitespace bunched up at the bottom of the score/page instead, you'll have to change your style settings to do so.
In this case that likely means going to Format → Style → Page and tick "Disable vertical justification of staves"

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