Tracks from MuseScore MIDI file isn't playing any sound when imported into Cakewalk by Bandlab

• Jan 29, 2022 - 03:07

Hello there! I know that this isn't entirely related to MuseScore, but I might need some help.

I wanted to import a score I made into a MIDI file and imported it into Cakewalk by Bandlab. It did load the entire file. However, all of the tracks that are usually from MuseScore doesn't play any sound when I play the score in Cakewalk. I would like to replace them with VSTs but doing this might take a while. But even then, the tracks that are converted from MuseScore cannot play any sound whatsoever.

I am fairly new to Cakewalk. So if there's anyone who is much more experienced with both MuseScore and Cakewalk, I would appreciate any help.


Kannst du mir ein Midi-File geben, welches in Cakewalk funktioniert und eins, das du mit MuseScore erzeugt hast? Dann kann ich vielleicht sagen, was schief läuft.

Can you give me a midi file that works in Cakewalk and one you made with MuseScore? Then maybe I can tell what's going wrong.

A couple of thoughts. When you open a standard MIDI file in Cakewalk it should add an instrument track with the default GM synth (from memory, something like “Cakewalk TTS-1”). The midi tracks should already be routed appropriately to the synth, but you do need to check that the instrument track’s output is routed to the audio device you’re expecting sound from.

Also, I find that Musescore is less well behaved than my other apps when it comes to sharing audio devices. This may well be unique to my system, but anyway if you’ve been trying to get sound out of Cakewalk while Musescore is also running, I’d try shutting down MS and restarting CW.

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I think slapping it in would be the next step. With no instrument connected there’s not going to be any audio.

I had thought that loading the TTS-1 thing was automatic when loading a plain .mid file, but perhaps that’s something I specifically configured years ago and have since forgotten.

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I see! I added the TTS-1. Some instruments do work. But some, if not most of the instruments that are within the MIDI file are either just playing in a very high pitch (kinda hurts my ears a little) or just entirely in mute. How do I usually fix this? How do you change not only the pitch, but the soundfont or change the instruments into a VST without copying and pasting?

(I might need to do some research for the time being as I am new to Cakewalk. But your help will be appreciated!)

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(I'm assuming we're talking about the .mid you posted.)

At least part of the problem here is the channel assignments. For example, both Clarinet 2 and Trombone 1 are using MIDI channel 11, so one of these parts is going to play on the wrong instrument. This will be the result of MS trying to manage 25 tracks when there are only 16 MIDI channels.

One solution is to pair up instruments: assign both flute tracks to channel 1, both oboes to channel 2, etc.
This can work if the parts don't cross awkwardly or contain contradictory data (e.g. flute 1 has a crescendo where flute 2 doesn't). On the other hand, I'm not sure this would buy you enough channels. The alternative is to add a second instance of TTS-1, assign the first 16 tracks to the first instance, and start over at track 17 with channel 1 of the second instance. (Use the C button in the track header to assign a channel, the O button to choose the instance of the plugin.)

The mechanics of this are similar to how you'd wire up VST instruments, so the education you're getting here won't be wasted ;)

I tried checking the 'Do not intercept NRPNs' option in the properties of the SI-drum kit plug-in, and then the sound could be played properly
Although it's been a while, I hope this will still help you.

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