How to make musecore recognize oxygenpromini controller

• Jan 29, 2022 - 09:56

Hello and thanks for your time.
New to musecore.
Using windows 10 64bit. Sound controller in non exclusive mode.
Musecore 3 will enter notes, accompanied by sound thru computer speaker, onto staff using computer keyboard.
midi controller (oxygen promini with latest drivers), connected before opening musecore, will play notes thru computer speaker but notes are not entered into staff. This occurs irrespective of whether Midi input toggle on main scoresheet is active or inactive. On main scoresheet N is activated.
Edit>pref>note input> enable midi input on
Edit> pref>I/O port audio on.
Edit>pref>I/O dialogue boxes for midi input and output do not register any options. No choices not active. Controller not visible yet functions thru computer to generate sound, when concurrently running minigrand piano generator (standard software).
Occurs if new score is being generated or previously downloaded score is loaded and attempting to edit.
Reapply factory setings - no effect.
Have read extensively of forum comments but no closer to success.
What am I missing ?
Much appreciate any ideas.

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