transposing instruments don't show key signature

• Sep 10, 2014 - 22:22

When I add a transposing instrument I don't see the key signature. However, when I copy and paste between staves of different tonality, they notes are correct. just the key signature is missing.
I'm using the following version: 32fe6c4
To reproduce this, load the attached score: Invention_#13.mscz
This is a harpsichord score.
Bring up the Add Instrument dialog.
Select soprano saxophone. A new staff is added. The key signature should be D, but it is C.
Now select the 1st measure of the right hand of the harpsichord, and copy it (CMD-C on the mac).
Point to the first measure of the soprano sax score and paste (CMD-V).
Notice that the notes are correct, the first note E has been pasted as F#.

I tried to drag and drop a key signature into the 1st measure of the soprano sax staff. I dropped the D (2 sharps), but what I saw appear was E (4 sharps).

I'm using the following version: 32fe6c4


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It is a known bug; I responded in your issue report. It only affects instruments added to the score after you first create it, and it only occurs in scores that begin in the key of C (concert). You should be able to force the key signature to appear by dragging an explict C key signature to the score.

I've got a fix, but I need to rework some internal details before it can merged in. There's been some back and forth over it is whether to store pieces in C major as having *no* key signature or an *empty* one.

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