Virtual piano Midi keyboard and Musescore

• Nov 4, 2009 - 22:04


I would like to generate automatically score from a virtual piano keyboard (MIDI) software connected to musescore.
2 small question
- is that possible, meaning having a software on which I can play the piano using my PC keyboard which generate automatically a score on musescore ?
- if yes, could you recommend me a freeware for the virtual keyboard, tested with musescore, that I could us on my PC ?
- and finally any idea on how to configure musescore for getting this MIDI input in real-time ?

Again many thanks for musescore and congratulations. I'm really impressed by the level of functionality and stability of this opensource...!! Thanks



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I have experience with this, which was in the early '90s when I self-published a book on Afro-Cuban playing for keyboards, While there are problems, I learned that one needs to set the parameters of the ticks carefully (Quantize as to the smallest note) and then be able to accurately play what one wants to notate.

I was able to set where the mid point was to have the program divide between the 2 staffs of the grand staff. There was some cleaning up to do, but I was VERY satisfied. My shortest general duration was 1/8, but i was able, at one point, to get as fine as triplet 16ths.

This was on an Atari STe with KCS as the sequencer and The Copyist ll as the notation program.

I would really like to see Mjusescore add this ability as the sequencer aspect becomes more full featured.


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