Bug / Incident Report: Staff/System text will not delete

• Feb 12, 2022 - 17:32

Hi all - I would like to remove Staff/System text but - even with surgery - I can't remove the word.

Please see image / attachment (Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 6.21.30):
* Black circle shows the measures I deleted after a last attempt to delete a floating, useless word.
* The lower circle shows the floating word that I can't delete.

Hoping I don't have to completely rewrite this chart because of one word: "Ritard" - which just sits randomly in the score.



Type Ctrl+A, Ctrl-R and note that the Ritard now sits on the next page, under measure 46, there you can delete it.
You apparently dragged it off of that page, it is a know issue that elements dragged off page can't get selected, and because of that can't get deleted

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