Copy paste lyrics from voice 1 to voice 2?

• Nov 5, 2009 - 12:24

How can I achieve this without writing everything all over again, or changing voices or editing all pitch again?
Is there a way for this to be done?


Nightly 2269


1/ If the music is homophonous, prepare one voice, with all the lyrics. Copy to other voices. Change the height ot he notes (which can be done by typing in the new notes, which supersede the copied ones)

2/ If it's not homophonous: prepare the lyrics in a text editor, with one space between each syllable.
Copy (phrase by phrase) the lyrics, go to the lyrics and paste by CTRL C . You receive the first syllable if e=the next syllable is for the next note, paste again. If it is for the second next note, hit the space key, then paste.....etc

You'll have to add the - and _ later.

There should be some easier way of copying all text from one voice to the other, because all of the other ways of doing it as of now are extremely hard when dealing with large choir scores..................

The fastest way as of yet that I have found was to for example if I have the soprano written with all notes and lyrics and I want to copy the text over to the alto on which I have only notes, I can save al the notes from the alto row into an other score, duplicate the whole soprano rows onto alto, and then correct the notes with what I have from the other score where I backed them up.

I know however that this procedure is extremely tedious, and, it requires a lot of time, thus I am thinking that maybe you guys can implement a better way of doing this.

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