Control of chord symbol durations in MIDI output file?

• Feb 16, 2022 - 18:45

*** SORRY.... I thought I'd searched everywhere for the answer and after posting here, found "Duration" under "Edit element". If I can delete this, I will. ***

As a non-keyboardist, I use MuseScore to create keyboard parts I then bring into my DAW as guide tracks when songwriting. Since these are basically lead sheets, I mix chord symbols for some parts with standard notation for riffs, etc. A key point is that those measures where I write the part in detail don’t have chord symbols above them.

The issue is that when I have a measure or two in standard notation, the last-played chord continues to hold in the MIDI file.

My workaround so far has been to Realize Chord Symbols so I can change the duration to “Until Measure End”. But can I change chord durations to “Until Measure End” without realizing chord symbols?

I know this isn’t a MuseScore issue… I’m using it for something it’s probably not meant to do, so I’m fine using workarounds or editing MIDI in the DAW if that’s what I need to do. Thanks.


You can use that setting on Chord symbols, no need to realize them.
You also could stop them, by having an "NC" chord symbol ("No chord") next

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