Strum pattern issue

• Feb 17, 2022 - 02:33

I am interested in adding strum patterns in a score that includes the pitch names in the notes of the score. (As you may know, adding the pitch name in the note head is an option made available via the "Staff/Part Properties".) After making several attempts at this, it appears to me that Musescore will not allow the notes in a score that has the pitch names embedded in the note heads to be turned into a "slash" symbol used to represent a strum. I found that I can convert regular notes (i.e, those without any pitch name in the note head) to strums, using Tools>Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation, but that conversion approach will not work with notes having pitch names. Is this a recognized limitation of Musescore, or am I missing something (always a strong possibility)? Also, if this is a known limitation, is there a workaround that would enable me to have the pitch names, but also have strum slashes inserted where I want them? I did try to change the note heads where I wanted the slashes to normal note heads (ie, no pitch names), but as far as I can tell, setting the noteheads to "normal" or "pitch names" seems to be a global setting for the entire score. In other words, I don't seem to be able to turn off the pitch names in a given measure, while preserving them in other measures. Seems to be an all or nothing proposition.

Any thoughts/ideas/workarounds anyone can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.


You'd probably need an Instrument change text, even if it to the same instrument, in order to be able to switch the notehead scheme mid-staff

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Jojo: thank you for taking an interest in my issue, and providing your suggestion. As you can see from this string, JeeTee also provided a suggestion, namely using the Inspector to change the notes with the pitch names into normal notes, and that worked and also seems to be the easiest fix. Again, thanks for your assistance.

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