MusicXML - "custom" labeling for numbered endings

• Feb 19, 2022 - 03:36

The MusicXML syntax, in the case of numbered endings, provides (optionally) for specifying "custom" text to be used for labeling the endings. The presumption is that, if such "custom" text is not included, the receiving program will form a label for the ending from the list of "passes" for which that ending will be played, which list must be included in the MusicXML code.

In fact, MuseScore, when receiving a MusicXML file, will present such "custom text" (if it is included in the MusicXML code) as the label for a numbered ending .

When composing a score and applying numbered endings, MuseScore allows the scorist to (optionally) provide such "custom" labeling text. But, when that is done, and MuseScore generates a MusicXML file from the score, that "custom" numbered ending labeling is not included in the MusicXML code.

I think it should be.



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