Is there a newbie tutorial on finding and installing plugins and their fonts?

• Feb 20, 2022 - 02:08

I am trying to find a Native American Flute tablature plugin.

I have found a couple, but have not successfully been able to install them. I also just learned that a particular plugin only works with a specific version of MuseScore.

I am not interested in learning how to write plugins. I just want to find a turnkey plugin with installation instructions included. (I was not able to figure it out from the MuseScore or Doxygen documentation).

Any suggestions?


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Thank you to all who helped me on this thread and related threads.
With your help, installing Clint Goss's plugin was easy.

Developing those fonts was a labor of love. Clint is one busy person.

I am still learning about using the plugin though. So far, it seems to be restricted to an F#minor NAF flute, no matter what the key signature is. Does anyone know if I can map the score to a flute of a different key?

I also wonder if there is a shortcut key to delete all tablature so that you can refresh the tablature. Otherwise, you get two rows of tabs -- the old version and the new version.

The plugin is great for learning the fingering for an existing flute solo score. Just click on the plugin, and voila!

I am still trying to find out if there are short-cut keys to add grace notes and trill fingerings (they are not automatically inserted). You can do it by wading through Clint's font chart to find the alt-keys. But they are scattered throughout the font. (The grace notes are displayed as smaller tab diagrams).

I am digging through Clint's extensive documentation to see what I have missed so far.

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