transposing problem

• Sep 11, 2014 - 20:57

I have created a Musescore score in 4 parts in the key of Ab maj (concert). I need to allocate parts 1 and 2 to clarinets, which are Bb transposing instruments. How do I achieve this, ie, show these parts in Bb maj without changing parts 3 and 4 and with proper playback?
Thanks in advance for any help.


Did you already create the score? If so, MuseScore should have set it up for you automatically. When you select "Bb clarinet" from the instrument list, it should automatically show those two staves as being in Bb rather than Ab. If you mean you created it but didn't tell it you wanted clarinets - maybe at first you were thinking flutes? - you can change instrument for a staff to clarinet by right clicking, staff properties, change instrument. You may need to update the keys for those staves.

In either case, it will show the clarinet parts in their transposed keys by default, but you can switvh the view to concert pitch by pressing the Concert Pitch button. This affects the displa only - it *always* plays back at the proper pitch.

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