Searching for best guitar soundfont that i din't find. YAMAHA ProTrax Classical Guitar Soundfont

• Feb 21, 2022 - 17:59

Hi guys,
This is the first time I am creating a forum topic but i need one in particular: the YAMAHA ProTrax Classical Guitar Soundfont. I can't find it anywhere and it's sound beautiful. If someone has this soundfont, and in case want to post under this topic rare and/or own soundfonts found on internet, can write here and send a link where it can be downloadable (like drives link, websites, etc.). This is the link of the video where I found the instrument
(sorry for the bad english grammar anyway^^)


I can't remember now where I got this but I think it was the Yamaha Tyros Nylon Guitar that I modified and its very similar to the one you are looking for. It's contained in the Best of Guitars-4U-v1.0 set that can be found in the "Some Extra Instruments" section of my site
Give it a go - it might suit your needs.
EDIT Feb25: Now included ProTrax version in "Nylon and Steel Guitars-4U-v2"

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Ah oh, don't worry. I can understand maybe, it can be a virus or you don't have time or it's too big the file to download (my problem...). However I will wait a Samaritan to help me or to send a link with that soundfont. Again thanks for all the things done.^^ (I already knew your site, had been using it for a while but couldn't find that guitar soundfont so I searched far and wide)

P.s. These images are from the site and are the position, the size of the Protrax classical guitar soundfont and of all the file.

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Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
I have done some modifications to improve its playability.
1. Reduced the number of times the key-off effects play to about 1/2 as often
2. Added some fret slide noises
3. Changed the velocity values so that the harder samples can be more easily reached
(They were 0-84, 85-110, 111-120, 121-127. Changed to 0-62, 63-89, 90-108, 109-127)
4. Added some extra acoustic guitar presets
You can down load the new version from here:…
I've also put it up on my site

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Wow i don't how you do it but it's amazing. I think you use polyphone editor for soundfonts and you are awesome. Because of this i will link to you some soundfont good I found (with a README.txt, but it's not updated) so i will upload here the past txt and if you send me your mail adresse i will link to you what i found (about 400 soundfonts seen and link 200+ in the txt)
Again sorry for the bad english and also for the non-formal style. I really appreciate!
With the time of my country, good evening and have a good day!^^

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Of curse i will! In this days i am a little busy with school so maybe in the next week I Will fully update the text with Also sites where i found the soundfonts. I advise you to control the soundfonts with 8/8.5+ of vote or the interesting soundfont ( i write in the description if they are interesting and with potential).
From this messagge i Will chat with you with your mail.
Thank you again and have a good day!

I have to add that the kor orchestra soundfont (2.1?, I don't remeber the versione) i thinks have the best qualities of violas, violins, etc. on internet. But It has some problems and so doesn't work correctly. If you Will fix It i think that the best soundfont orchestra (for violins, violas, etc., Not pianos or other, only those strings) it's done and i Will add those instruments in the final best orchestra free soundfont ever made. Ti listen It good use Musescore 3 and 5 Symphony of Beethoven and listen how can be Amazing.

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