Add Chord Symbol on a Rest Measure

• Feb 26, 2022 - 17:32

Hi all - Please help with:
Add Chord Symbol on a Rest Measure

Example: Rhythm section plays but melody rests.

See attached:

BTW - Where can I help with documentation? The message I receive has grammar and punctuation errors.



Select the rest, not the measure

What grammar and punctuation errors?
Do you mean you'd want this instead?
No note nor rest selected: Please select a note or rest and retry.

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Thank you. That message would be an improvement. What I suggest is implementing the "goal before action" style of documentation.
Goal is to write a chord symbol.
Action is to select a note or a rest.
Suggested update: To enter a chord symbol, select a rest or note and type Command + K.

But not to complain about the free application - I enjoy learning MuseScore and it's better than my previous paid application, Sibelius.

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Sure - you can probably leave that message and it's still a good product;) - I personally got a bit frustrated that I could add chord symbols in my score by typing Command + K / Space Bar, but then suddenly when the bar has only rests, the fun comes to a halt and the message appears.
I then had to remind myself that this is a free platform and my frustration vanishes.

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Thanks - I think I break the rule all the time then as I write technical docs for a living.
I understand this is off topic, but I just think the following type of language just looks better.
"Follow these steps:
1. Capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
2. Thank the people who comment on your forum.
2. Close this forum and get back to work before your boss finds out. "

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