"Ghost" rests and other symbols added to my uploaded score

• Mar 1, 2022 - 23:08

Hi Musescore community!

I am relatively new to Musescore. I just uploaded a Pdf score, but musescore has added some additional symbols and rests that are not a part of the original score. These additional rests and symbols are very light grey in color. The note values in the original score are correct, so not sure why these additional rests and symbols were added.

I am having trouble deleting these "ghost" rests and symbols using the typical method of removing them. I have clicked "cut" or "delete" over the symbols and they aren't getting deleted. Can anyone help me remove these unwanted rests and symbols? Thanks so much.


MuseScore is not involved with interpreting PDF files. There's an experimental import service offered at .com which runs a generic configured and slightly outdated version of Audiveris to perform OMR on a score.

But that technology simply isn't quite advanced enough to get it right most of the time. So the resulting score is their "best guess" and attempt at making the end result look as closely to what they could interpret instead.
To achieve this, those programs might add invisible/hidden rests into the end result (by default MuseScore shows them grayed out).
A normal delete command in MuseScore changes sound (notes) into silence (rests); it doesn't remove time. The command for that is "Remove Selected Range" which can be found under the Tools menu.

But be aware that fixing errors created by conversion programs requires you to be rather more proficient in MuseScore than just manually entering the score would require..

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