Changing a barline type via code

• Mar 3, 2022 - 09:57

Is it possible to run a plugin that would change the currently selected barline? if not, is it possible to change the currently selected bar's barlines?


var segment = measure.lastSegment;
var bar = segment.elementAt(0);
if (bar.type == Element.BAR_LINE) {
bar.barlineType = 32;
console.log("Last element is a barline (type=" + bar.userName() + ")");
} else {
console.log("Last element is not a barline (type=" + bar.userName() + ")");

Can you explain what you are trying to do in more detail? You don't need to run a plugin just to change barlines; the Barlines palette does this directly.

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I have some workflow that I want to optimize/automate where I change the barline types based on the workflow. My current issue is: "selecting a bar or a note in a bar, and running the plugin, would change the current bar starting barline to START_REPEAT" but it doesn't always work

This is the code I have so far, which doesn't always work

onRun: {
var selected = curScore.selection.elements[0];

             if (selected.type !== Element.NOTE){
                       selected = curScore.selection.elements[1];

    var cursor = curScore.newCursor();
            cursor.inputStateMode = "INPUT_STATE_SYNC_WITH_SCORE";

           var segment = selected.parent;
    while (segment.type !== Element.SEGMENT) {
        segment = segment.parent;
    var tick = segment.tick;


    cursor.filter = Segment.BarLineType;

            cursor.element.barlineType = 4



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I'm afraid there is bug in MuseScore.
Check my code.
If you play it for changing the bar to regular/double/end repeat it works fine, the right bar is changed.
If you play it for changing the bar to start repeat, then the next bar is changed.

Play it on a note of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd measure to observe the difference of behaviour.

You could try to workaround it by selecting the previous bar, but this will be limited. I guess you won't be able to change the bar between the 1st and 2nd measure, because there is no previous bar to select.

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