Deleting a manually modified (customized) REPEAT item leaves behind a character on each voice that prevent playing from that point onward.

• Mar 6, 2022 - 18:00

Due to an issue I experienced (see this link :, I investigated further to try to find the reason why the playing will stop at the REPEAT point and I’ve found the following.
A customized REPEAT at bar 47 is present in my score (capture1.jpg)
Once the REPEAT got deleted I didn't notice anything weird left behind, and still the playing will stop (see capture2.jpg).
Thus I added a bar before bar 47 and this is what appeared: (capture3.jpg)
A number “4” appeared on each voice with a short vertical line to its left.
By deleting each “4” by hand the playing went along as expected.
On the other side nothing seems to be left behind when a MuS provided REPEAT is deleted.
It looks as a bug to me.
Any comment?

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See the reply given there.
Your score became corrupt; yes, that is due to a bug. If you know how to replicate the bug we can look into getting it fixed.

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