repeating three times issue

• Mar 6, 2022 - 15:10

Hi all,
In the attached score at bar 45 I've a repeat function that I've modified with the Inspector function to show it has to loop three times and modified bar 46 to repeat three time.

Well, after the third time instead of going to play bar 47, it stops.
Thanks for help on how to fix it.

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What you have there is this:
Voltas though are alternative endings. not beginnings, and also you want that section being repeated 4 times in total,(esles the 4. volta doesn
t make any sense
Furthermore that repeat list of that 1,2,3. Volta is 0.1.2, that seems non-sensical, should be 1,2,3

Try the attached

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  1. Drop the voltas; they're not required here at all and not the way a multi-repeat is usually notated
  2. Keep the play count at 3
  3. Add a System Line to m46, disable its hooks, mark the line invisible, disable start text and use the end text to show the repeat count information

Now your playback indeed still stops at 47; even better is that if you're at m47 and try to Alt+right-arrow to m48 you crash MuseScore. This is because your score is corrupt.
Somehow in your experimentation you succeeded in having the volta(4) applied to the non-top staves with a zero-range. I've removed them from the embedded mscx file using a text editor and restored your score.

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