No Synthesizer or Mixer

• Mar 6, 2022 - 18:23

So I have 3.6.2 on macOS Monterey 12.2.1, however this bug started while I was using Big Surf 11.5.2, For whatever reason the app stopped playing anything. When I input notes no sound is made, when I go to play nothing happens. They play panel is all greyed out so I can't even interact with it. I have done a clean re install a few times now, have tried going into the IO panel to reset drivers (this panel is unresponsive), reset NV/PRAM and have cleared cache, settings, save states etc. Nothing has led to this being fixed and I am unsure what to do. Since I making scores for a video game project I use MuseScore very frequently and since there is no version for tablet or browser I don't have other means of using it. I even tried using 2.0 and 3.0 but nothing has fixed it.


After comparing it with one on a friends computer, It seems the issue is that It can't connect to core audio as the Input, and speakers as the output. As the IO panel is unresponsive

Is there anyway to find MuseScore's signature in the MacOS files, ex My midi plugins appear as input output options when I'm using an EQ software (don't worry It was never active while using MuseScore and isn't involved in this). That way I might be able to route it through CoreAudio. I even tried reseting Core Audio a few times and still nothing.

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One thing I found in some web searches - the feature is called "hog mode" on macOS. Apparently individual applications can request it. I would guess there is a way to prevent it or to clear it, but that's not obvious from my web searches. Anyhow, that's a term you might find useful in your inviestigation.

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Marc, I appreciate your help in finding a solution for this. Can you please let me know where it's ok to actually have this discussion? The rules of reporting bugs isn't abundantly clear and I feel like I did something wrong in the other thread that was closed by Jojo. And I'm also wondering if old support threads could be hidden if they're no longer pertinent to current development? Just my two cents. Thanks again.

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It's not so much that there are "rules" (so no, you didn't do anything wrong) as much as just figuring out what makes sense and is most productive. As noted elsewhere, lots of diseases have the same symptoms, but it doesn't end up being useful to mix up discussions of all of them in a single thread just because they all involve fevers. BTW, I just came up with that analogy today, so humor me and let me run with it a little :-)

Anyhow, assuming you know that your issue also involves "core audio", here is as good as place to continue the discussion at least until such a time as it is determined it has a different causes. Right now, there are enough similarities to make it seem plausible both of these two cases are related. So hopefully the two of you who are experiencing this specific combination of factors can compare notes.

Normally if you use the search facility right there in the issue tracker, closed issues are filtered out. But we don't control what Google shows, if that's how you are doing the search. Plus, it seems that issue had been inadvertently reopened back in 2020 even though the bug it describes had been fixed already. I've gone ahead and closed it again.

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